Other Ways to Get Kids Involved at Community First! Village

Bring the family to our Community Cinema to watch movies under the stars! This outdoor amphitheater built in partnership with Alamo Drafthouse is supported by neighbors of Community First! Village alongside volunteers to showcase family friendly flicks a few Fridays a month. Ticket and concession sales allow the neighbors working each event to earn a Dignified Income. You can go on a quick tour of the Village before the sun sets and occasionally catch some pre-show entertainment!

Bring your kids along with you to see and learn about Community First! Village on one of our 90-minute Public Tours! With 51 acres of land, dozens of programs, as well as onsite partner organizations, resources, and facilities, no two tours are alike. There are golf cart and walking tour options available and all are completely free to sign up. Come see what we’ve been up to!

Most of the projects that we have for volunteers to complete remotely are things that will create beauty and a sense of home for our formerly homeless neighbors living at Community First! Village. Whether it spruces up a home they’ve lived in for the past couple years, furnishes a home they’re moving into for the first time, or brings beauty to a common, outdoor space at the Village, each remote project is a blessing to our community. Click here to see instructional PDFs for DIY donations that you can make at home with your kids!

One of Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ organizational goals is to ‘transform the way people view the stereotypes of those who find themselves homeless’. It may not seem like the most obvious way to volunteer, but learning more, starting a discussion, and advocating for our homeless brothers and sisters can be extremely impactful. Our Resource Packet is for anyone to engage thoughtfully about the topic of homelessness in their community, but many educators and parents love to use it as a kid-friendly activity to do before visiting Community First! Village or volunteering on one of the MLF truck teams.