Our Volunteers Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do.

“Volunteering at CF!V will be one of the most incredible things you will ever do. You may come expecting to serve the formerly homeless, but I can almost guarantee that you will leave knowing that you are the one who has been blessed.”

Cindy, Community First! Village Volunteer

“Try everything out and find what you love. And most importantly, get to know the residents here! They are some of the most brilliant, talented, helpful people you can have the honor of knowing. Homelessness often dehumanizes and isolates people, so it’s important that volunteers make an effort to connect with the residents and act as a kind listening ear.”

Chloe & Grace, Community First! Village Volunteers

“When I drive through the city and see homeless people living under a bridge or standing on a corner, I feel helpless about what I can do to help this ever-growing problem in our city. When I come out to Community First! Village, I feel like I am contributing in some small way to a program that is getting things right, making people feel a part of a community, and giving them a meaningful purpose.”

Lorrie, Community First! Village Volunteer

“I really think the Market is the heart of the community. The neighbors feel safe to share frustrations and joys. This is the best volunteer job I have ever had!”

Ingrid, Community Market Volunteer

“I keep coming back because I love the people out here, the friendships I keep building and the new people I meet each time I’m around the Village.”

Hampton, Genesis Gardens Volunteer

“It’s not so much about gardening, pulling weeds and trimming trees. It’s about people and interacting. I think God has something going on here and I want to be a part of it.”

Bruce, Genesis Gardens Volunteer

“All it takes is inviting people into this ministry, from wherever they live. And they become a part of it.”

Mary Lou, Mobile Loaves & Fishes Volunteer

“If you have a desire to enrich your life by spending a few hours a week walking alongside and serving with dignity those who have suffered homelessness and are now attempting to restructure their lives in a good way, Community First! provides that role for you.  You can be a part of celebrating a better life with those who have been marginalized and shamed and discarded by society.  You will likely find that you receive a joy and satisfaction that enhances your own life and a perspective of thankfulness for the blessings that you personally may have overlooked and taken for granted.”

Janice, Community Market Volunteer

“I always found myself looking away from people that were homeless when I would pass them on the street and I wasn’t proud of that. There was a sense of intimidation and fear around homelessness for me. I thought CF!V would be a good opportunity for me to educate myself so I could be helpful instead of fearful. This is, by far, the most impactful volunteer position I’ve ever had. I would encourage anyone who is curious about volunteering to jump in and just do it! The more you volunteer, the more you learn and grow. I’m fortunate to have met so many amazing neighbors and staff and have developed many wonderful relationships at the Village. If you show up consistently, CF!V will change your life.”

Leanne, Community Art House Volunteer

“My faith teaches me that God meets us where we are, so for me, to be a volunteer at Community First! Village is to be in the moment.  From those early days, I always thought of myself as a welcomed guest in their home, sharing stories, laughter, material support, and at times a soft shoulder or listening ear.”

Joyce, Community Art House Volunteer

“I can’t think of anyone of the neighbors who would make me not want to be there volunteering. I don’t have to be or act a certain way. I can be me and do what I do in the Market and I’m appreciated by the neighbors who are my friends. I love each and every one of them.”

Rebecca, Community Market Volunteer

“Every single time that I have volunteered the residents have expressed their sincere gratitude to me and the other volunteers for our helping out. The really awesome part about being a regular volunteer is that the professional staff and –above all– the residents have welcomed me in and let me be part of their team. Our team. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Phil, Property Beautification Volunteer